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Priceless Practice Framework

Priceless Care is the department within Priceless Life, that provides the following pregnancy support services:

Priceless Care’s services are available to anyone impacted by a pregnancy in challenging circumstances.

  • Pregnant woman
  • Partner of pregnant woman
  • Family and friends needing support
  • Anyone struggling with grief and loss after a pregnancy termination.

The main reasons for referral are:

  1. Pregnancy
    – Decision making regarding continuing
    – Experiencing psychosocial stress
    – Needing support during pregnancy
    – Preparation for birth
  2. Post termination
    – Counselling and support
  3. Post natal – first year of parenting
    – Counselling
    – Mentoring
    – Early parenting education

Outline of Entry and Exit process

Clients can be referred to Priceless or can self-refer.
Once contact has been made with Priceless Care, an Initial Intake process will be undertaken. This aims to immediately respond to the caller’s initial request while at the same time informing the caller of the other services that are provided. As appropriate an appointment is made with a Priceless Care staff member for the next step of Intake. If the initial request is for counselling and a counsellor is immediately available, the phone session can take place during the initial call. This usually takes place on the Help Line.

Priceless Care Services are available for clients during the pregnancy and in the post-natal period until their child is one year old. If a client is still engaged with Priceless Care and the child is approaching one year old, an exit process will be discussed, while at the same time ensuring that the client still feels supported through other agencies, as necessary. The main exception would be in the situation when a suitable external option for a parent/child group is not available, a family can remain involved if Priceless Care is running a suitable parent/child group.

Cost of Service

The majority of Priceless Care’s services are free for pregnant or parenting clients. If services are expanded to be offered to the general public, e.g. parenting programs, a cost can be charged. Priceless Life is funded by private individuals, organisations and businesses, and through grants.

Data collection and Documentation

Client information is collected and managed according to Privacy legislation and staff maintain client confidentiality. Documents are maintained as required for accessing different services and de-identified data is collected to provide statistics and trends for Priceless Life in evaluation and planning.

Integrated Approach
Priceless Care provides an integrated approach to pregnancy support, recognising that initial and subsequent needs can be different from one situation to another. Thus, while there are a number of services available to all clients, the presenting issues and needs will vary. Some women will engage with counselling initially and then access mentoring and material assistance. Other women initially contact Priceless looking for material assistance and then attend an early parenting program. During the Intake process, an initial psychosocial assessment helps inform the appropriate case planning requirements.

Systematic Approach
Priceless Care’s integrated approach is complemented by a systemic approach.
Although many women may seek assistance because they are unsupported, Priceless Care is open to work as much as is appropriate with
any of the woman’s existing support system.
This can include partner, family, friends.
Priceless Care staff work closely with statutory and other community agencies as necessary to ensure the best outcome for the client.

Holistic Approach
Priceless Care operates from a holistic approach. Facing a pregnancy in difficult circumstances can affect many aspects of a woman’s life. Priceless Care aims to address as many concerns as possible, whether through direct service delivery or by referral so that a woman feels heard and responded to in such a way that she can confidently proceed on her pregnancy and parenting journey.

Trauma Informed Care
Priceless Life functions as a trauma-informed organisation where all staff are appropriately trained in trauma-informed care and practice.
This means that the organisation’s staff, programs and systems are underpinned by the following:
-A Realisation of the widespread impact of trauma and understanding potential paths for recovery.
-A Recognition of the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients, families, staff and
others involved with the system.
-A Response that fully integrates knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures and practices.
-A response that seeks to actively Resist retraumatisation.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (2014).
SAMHSA’s Concept of Trauma and Guidance for a Trauma-Informed Approach. Rockville, MD:HHS Publication No, (SMA) 14-4884

We take your referral from our hotline: 1800 090 777, or make use of this online referral form.

Risk Management Framework
Priceless Care operates within a Risk Management Framework developed to identify, analyse, evaluate, treat, monitor and review risks within the operating context. In particular, as a pregnancy support organisation, staff are mindful of the safety of vulnerable women and children. Integral to this process, Priceless Care has developed strong links with Child Safety, and staff are trained appropriately. Open communication is a key factor to encourage a risk prevention and management approach by all involved staff.

Evaluation Framework
Priceless Care is incorporated in the ongoing
evaluation undertaken by Priceless Life in order to provide information and perspective to Priceless Life leaders about what is and isn’t working well. A Process, Impact, Outcome
Evaluation model is utilised. Evaluation of the present work will also inform strategic planning for the future.

Counsellor Training

Priceless counsellors are required to have a minimum level of training with a recognised counselling qualification, or a recognised degree with an appropriate level of counsellor training included e.g., Social Work. For the Help Line roster, a Certificate III in Telephone Counselling is required. Otherwise, a Diploma of Counselling is the minimum requirement.
Initial internal Priceless training requirements are: Foundation Training (2 hours), Intensive (8 hours), Priceless Counsellors Training (15 hours). Priceless has developed, and is continuing to develop, presentations to meet the ongoing training requirements. The library of presentations includes the following topics:
attachment theory; trauma informed care; domestic and family violence; borderline personality disorder; grief and loss.

Counselling Approaches

Counselling approaches are chosen according to the needs of the clients and the presenting circumstances.
In the pregnancy decision making stage, a crisis counselling process is followed. Ongoing counselling during pregnancy can cover many
topics as well as preparation for parenting.
Counselling with post termination clients involves grief and loss work.
All counselling is person centred, and focuses on building strengths. In addition, counselling can involve different modalities according to clients’ needs and the training of the
counsellor. Counsellors utilise evidence-based
approaches such as narrative therapy, psychodynamic therapy, expressive therapies,
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance
Commitment Therapy.

Priceless has developed a six week counselling
group program called RISE, which aims to build self-awareness and self-confidence, increase positive skills and discover new strengths.


The Priceless Counselling Manager is responsible for oversight of the counselling
practice. Monthly group supervision takes place to maintain and monitor the quality of counselling offered through Priceless Care, as well as provide ongoing training opportunities.
The counselling Manager also meets with counsellors individually for debrief and
supervision. Counsellors who practice in other
settings will usually access external clinical supervision.

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